dahlia1Dahlia, oh baby, this girl is one of a kind, so sweet you would die for it, sensual like no other, I would have her any time of the day, any day of the week! This girl is the most fun of all, she loves to have fun and you will have nothing else than that if you spend time with her. She is a little rebelious with naughty tastes, just how you like it. She is a strong women with a wild personnality, take a bite if you want.

She is a party animal, she loves to go in the clubs, dancing all night long, moving her dream body on the dancefloor like a real stripper, drinking cocktails and taking shots with her friends. And she has a lot! Everybody she meets likes her, she has friends everywhere. She simply is a very social person! There is no doubt that you will love her too, and have an amazing time with her. Some night that you will remember for sure!

She catch attention of everybody in the place, a real men magnet. You can’t stay indifferent at the sight of this stunning princess that is Dahlia. Her unique name match perfectly with the uniqueness of her smile, her kinky side, and her unforgettable kisses. You get so turned on just by her lips, you just want more, and more, and more, and you can never get enough. She will make you question why you waited so long to have this much fun!


angelique1Look at that bomb! This girl is really something!! She is dynamic and live at a fast pace. She is always in motion, never taking a break from all her hard work! She is constantly working on new projects, bringing achievement on her way. Everything she touches is a success guaranteed. Either she is working on a new lingerie brand, or any business stuff, or even organazing some cool event, she gives her 110% and is not affraid by the competition! She knows what she is worth and is confident in her capacities.

To release the pressure, she goes to the gym almost everyday of the week. Of course she trains hard , just as hard as she does everything! She always put her goals first, seeking success and pleasure everywhere she goes and in every projects she dives in. Every opportunity interests her, but she knows what projects are worth investing in! Maybe she could do a little affair with you, if you are willing to 😉

Angelique is a real angel! You don’t believe me? I guess you will have to come take a look by yourself… This charming creature is so hot than you could burn your hands on her. Being with her gives you a feeling of playing with fire! She has exotic blood in her, that gives her all this burning passion. She can’t contain this continuous flood of desire, she just has to express it with you! She can’t go against her nature… Do you think you are ready for Angelique? Come get it if you think you can follow!


Simon Bolz, www.simonbolz.com

As her name says it, Rose is a beautiful and delicate flower, with a unique fragrance, mixed with an asian twist. She is an exotic dream of sensuality, you know she is special, you just know it at the very moment she enters the room. She could make you feel like that, too. When you are with her, you feel like you are taken in an other world where only pleasure can exists, and nothing else. A moment with Rose is a magic feeling, you will feel so good that you will not be able to remember where you are.

Rose is a young and brilliant psychology student, very intelligent. She likes reading classics, and like to discover new authors. She is a simple girl, liking doing things with her girls like going to cinema watching action or suspense movies, or going to the gym to stay fit, and eat in the greatest restaurants. They often have a lot of fun…

She has a couple of basic skills, advanced capacities of learning complicated stuff, and is an expert on knowing how to please a men! This girl is like a dream came true, you will not believe your eyes. Will you be seduced at first sight? Of course! Your eyes wouldn’t be able to look at anything else than her and her sublime body, her intriguing dark eyes and her unique softness. I don’t even know why you are still reading this instead of calling this amazing asian bomb of sexiness…



This pretty brunette with perfect curves and a magnificent face really likes to take care of her and other people. She works as a beauty technician, because she loves to feel beautiful, making herself desirable, and offer quality services and treatments to her customers, whatever the work she is executing. She is a fanatic and compulsive buyer of beauty products, make up and fashion also, even though her wardrobe is full of fine lingerie and high heels shoes.

She also likes taking care of her by doing sports, going for a run everyday, eating healthy and clean, and also by having a lot of fun! She says that it’s the fun that keeps her beautiful and in good shape. She has a bright mind, she is open on the world and on people. She likes diversity in every fields, she likes seeing new things. Although, she would be really curious to meet you, she wants to know you, and mostly know what you like and make you feel good. You could have an intersting exchange with each other, Arianne would be charmed if she could get to know you! But not as charmed as you will be by her indeniable attributes and her charming presence. Arianne is so seductive, she has an indescriptible sensuality, something you can’t explain that you feel as soon as you have a taste of this beauty, full of charisma and softness. Without doing any effort, she got you. The best way to relax and have a good time, is to take an appointment with the beautiful Arianne!


jessy3This delicious lady is no one else than Jessy. I could talk for hours with her, she is so delightful, knowing how to lead a good conversation and stimulate your curiosity. You will want more and more of her, I tell you. I can’t have enough of Jessy!

She likes arts and culture, but also sports and cars! She likes to learn about almost anything, very intelligent and curious. She is a great combination of a friend and a mistress. You can have everything with her, it justs depends on what you want from her.

She knows how to read people, and she can easily understand what you want and need. She knows what to ask and what to say. Either you want it slow and fun, or fast and hard, you can be satisfied the way you want with Jessy.

Her exotic side is just a bonus amongst all the great qualities that she luckily has. You will find it so sexy to have this exotic bomb with you for a moment… or more! You want her, you call her. We will find the perfect moment for you to be with Jessy, don’t worry about that call now. Just imagine how good you could feel, if you take the time to come and see her, how good she could treat you, and how much you will love it. I know you crave to taste her, to feel her in every move she makes, she will leave you breathless!


eve3Eve is such a beauty. She is a classic girl next door, just like you dreamed of. She likes good food and red wine. She likes a simple evening, enjoying fine things like simple ingredients full of flavors. She likes putting some music while cooking, dancing in the kitchen and enjoy the rythm while preparing such delicious meals. She has some great tastes and knows how to make a good mix. She likes both spices and sweetness, knowing the perfect balance between all nuances and fragrances just like she knows how to be balanced in life .

This sexy women may be an apprentice cook, but she is an expert in making you feel good and satisfied. Leave your pleasure between the hands of this professionnal of wellness. I am sure this goddess can make your wishes come true, maybe if she rubs the lamp right until the genie comes out 😉

Trust the magic is going to happen, Eve will make you comfortable and show you all the delights she can do to you. Your appetite will be satisfied and you will so love it that you will ask for a second plate. Trust Eve and her savoir-faire. She knows how to fill you out!



Hannah is a beautiful young yoga teacher. She is so flexible, just what it takes to take you to nirvana.

Look at that sexy slave waiting just for you. She wants to make you laugh, to make you feel good, to make you feel like the king that you are. Hannah is full of ressources to put in good use, only to please you gentleman. Our rates for Hannah is 250$/hour. I know you want it since the second you saw her picture. She could be all for you. All you have to do is ask for her company, and she will be with you. There is nothing easier in the world. Just imagine all the pleasure, all the fun you could have in the company of this young and sexy lady, she would put you at ease, make you feel all comfortable and calm. What are you waiting for to experiment all the exquisite pelasures that the sexy Hannah could make you feel?


amanda2What a cute baby! Amanda is so exciting, look at all those curves and soft skin and hair. Look at this dream body. It could be just for you if you dare to call her. She is a youth bomb with so much sexiness you couldn’t handle it. She will take you on another level, Amanda is a real goddess and she knows how to do things! She is like an emotional rollercoaster, she will make you see so many new things, it will blow your mind. You couldn’t imagine all of the things she is gonna do to you, I bet you a million dollar that is is gonna rock your world. Amanda and her free spirit will come at the door like a fresh breeze in your stressful day. I know how bad you need the feeling to be with a soft and sensual women for a moment, you crave it, you have to satisfy this envy. You just have to. Amanda don’t wanna wait any longer, she wants you to come at her and satisfy your needs with her!


isabelle1 Isabelle from Paris, with a sexy french kiss, will make you forget about everything. You will feel like a real king with the beautiful Isabelle and her cute accent. She is elegant and sohisticated, so you could have her with you at any time or for every occasion. She is funny but yet classy, with a sense of intelligence and courtesy. If you like fine things in every way, you will love Isabelle. She is so easy to be with, you can be totally yourself and feel free to express your every desires. If I was you, I wouldn’t hesitate.. My choice would stop on Isabelle. Her original haircut, her sexy and elegant look, her mysterious eyes and her voluptuous lips… All about her makes me go crazy. If you want to be surprised by how smooth and strong she can be at a time, how sexy and classy she can get, you know what to do.



This beautiful smiling blonde is Ania, a sportive and dynamic girl, she really loves spending time at the gym several times a week. Every time she gets in, all eyes are on this goddess who came to sculpt more and more her perfect body and keep her splendid shape and stay fit. She loves to give everything she has at every cardio and musculature. And her efforts are worth it. At first sight, you can see that Ania is a real beast. She likes to work out for herself, of course, but even more for other people. She wants people to see her, be attracted to her, but even more, desire her.

Ania and others girls in our gallery wants to please you. She will be a slave for your desires, realising your every demand. You could be satisfied in such good hands. She will know how to make you feel really comfortable to appreciate every second of the exquisite moment of pleasure that she reserves you. Do not be affraid to succumb to the temptation, to forget everything for a little while, you really need and deserve it. Ania wants to play the game, so why wouldn’t you want too? There is nothing wrong to spend time together, and spend a quality time moment that you will remember. Ania knows how to do it, she will knows how to understand you and make your wishes come true.She is the bomb with wich you could abandon yourslef completely just how you burn to do. No one will ever be able to make you spend some good time like Ania and her dream body could do.